Our high quality service means that you will always speak to a fully trained, professional customer service agent, who knows all about our water purifiers.


As a full service company, provides its customers with all services related to its products: design and planning of all types of irrigation systems including assistance in installation and training local personnel how to operate. design engineers to design the most optimized state-of-art water purifier systems utilizing all resources & equipment to the best of their capabilities.


Training skilled personnel who are familiar with installation, operation & maintenance of system to help partners. We also offer online installation, operation & maintenance tutorial assistance.

Highest Quality

Our state-of-the-art and high-precision machines and manufacturing processes ensure the products with highest quality. The perfect fitting accuracy guarantees operational safety and proper functioning of the complete purifier system.

24 Hour Service Hot Line

Our service-technicians support you during commissioning of the purifier systems. They provide worldwide maintenance, care and repair services and train your employees with regard to the latest products. In case of emergencies, please call our 24 hour service hot line.


Our company cooperates with domestic and international logistics companies. It offers customers all the advantages of fully mobile logistics: visibility, global positioning, push alerts, and real-time information on events for even greater control and re-activity.